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Our Philosophy

The right chemistry

We find it essential that within our team and with our clients and partners our co-operation is guided by respect, trust, and kind-heartedness — in other words, there is the right chemistry.

When you have the right chemistry, an endless space opens up for creativity to take flight.

Ideas must then be followed by implementation. Events also have their chemistry, and for the reaction to take place, the chosen elements must be present and harmoniously complementing one another. You need the right chemistry to transform the elements, to transform an event into the extraordinary and make a moment memorable.


The synergy principle

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

An event is best described by its ambience, it is the whole of the event. The ambience is formed from many elements: invitations, the venue, the facilities, design, lighting, music, guests, hosts, performances, activities, service staff, food and drinks, etc. But the ambience is something greater yet — something elusive and inexpressible, and at the same time palpable, something that can be experienced. It is the result of a synergy — the interaction of elements to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. It is the result of the right chemistry.


The unity principle

All stages of an event — from the beginning to end — are interconnected. They are links in a chain: the anticipation of the event, the first impression, the address, concluding notes, feedback, memories, photographs or videos, future plans. They create a unified image of the event. They are equally important, and if any of them fails, the chain breaks.


Conscious choice

When planning an event, nothing is left to chance. All ideas, conceptual elements, and details are thoroughly considered to eventually form a coherent whole.



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